Hi! I'm Tiffany Wu,

a UX Designer passionate

about bridging gaps between people and their goals

Hi, I am Tiffany!

Coffee/bubble tea enthusiastic☕ | Curious innovator🙌 | Lifelong adventurer🏃

I am a UX designer obsessed with solving problems through translating user needs to empathetic design solutions. Coming from translation and technical writing backgrounds, I am passionate about bridging the gaps between users and their goals, and at the meanwhile, balancing business values and good experiences.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Information (UX Design and Research track) at University of Michigan. This summer, I was a UX design intern at Google.

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UX Design

I bridge the gaps between user and their goals with creative solutions that encompass the realm of digital, hardware, service and more, while taking the ecosystem of product into consideration

User Research

I conduct head-to-toe qualitative user research, including interviews, surveys and usability testing, to uncover user needs and business potentials. I frame ambiguous question of user behaviors with rigorous data-driven experiment design


Coming from translation and linguistics background, I solve problems with global users in mind, and create the design that is scalable and natural to diverse cultures and markets

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