Hey there, I'm Tiffany!

User needs interpretor🕵️‍♀️ | Curious innovator🙌 | Coffee/bubble tea enthusiastic☕

I am a product designer based in San Francisco Bay Area. To bridge the gap between users and their goals, I break down complex problems with structure, balance perspectives from users and organizational metrics and translate user needs into elegant, empathetic design.

What I value

Prior to design, I came from translation and linguistics studies and worked in content provider roles to bridge the language gaps for people. This made me a believer in cultural and regional diversity, and passionate about creating design that could make information accessible and inclusive for diverse communities in different settings.

How I work

As a designer, I seek to create values for users through breaking down problem space with structure, balancing user and business needs, prototyping and feedback soliciting. These stem in my process of understanding prior works, full business process and product ecosystem, communicating and documenting with clarity and establishing connections with cross-functional roles. Whenever possible, I also strive to make data-driven decisions through qualitative and quantitative data.




Product Designer

2019 Jul - present | Palo Alto, CA

University of Michigan

Product Designer and Developer

2018 Sep - 2019 May | Ann Arbor, MI

Google Translate

UX Design Intern

2018 May - 2018 Aug | Mountain View, CA

DFI Inc.

Technical Writer and Marketing Intern

2017 Apr - 2017 Jun | Taipei, Taiwan


University of Michigan

M.S. in Information, 2019

Specialized in HCI and UX Design

City University of Hong Kong

B.A. in Translation, 2016

So who am I actually?

I believe in embracing new perspectives as a designer and a human

I was born and raised in Tainan🍠, lived in Hong Kong🍢 for 4 years, most recently studied in Ann Arbor, MI🍁, and currently living in San Francisco Bay Area, CA🌉. I love to travel (highly food-oriented), try out new coffee roasters/bubble tea places and meet new perspectives and cultures. I'm curious to learn the what and why of differences between individuals and cultures, and bridge the gaps, which can be linguistic, cultural, cognitive, etc., for people to reach their goals with pleasant experience.

My collections of food spots after 1.5 year living at the bay

I also started blogging recently, stay tune for my journey👇!

I believe bridging gaps rooted in deeper understanding

When I was diving in the world of translation back in college, it came to me that the communication gap of people a lot of times comes from not understanding the differences between each other, and thus the concept of diversity planted a bulb deep in my mind. The word diversity by definition is about differences, or having different elements- this is a big definition here, and different people might relate it to different things such as gender, ethnicity, culture, the list goes on. That's why I started my lifelong journey of learning these "differences" through meeting new people, immersing myself in new environments or reading/listening to how people think about this topic. Some of my recent faves are:

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