Hey there, I'm Tiffany!

Coffee/bubble tea enthusiastic☕ | Curious innovator🙌 | Lifelong adventurer🏃

I am a product designer based in San Francisco Bay Area, solving complex problems by translating user needs to empathetic design solutions. I love to dive into flows, interactions, states and product ecosystem, and design the experience that "talks" to the users to achieve their goals.

Prior to design, I came from translation and linguistics studies and worked to bridge the language gaps for people. This made me extra passionate about understanding the diversity of cultures and regional differences and how design could make information accessible for diverse communities in different settings.



Product Designer | SAP

2019 July - present

UX Designer | U of Michigan

2018 Sep - 2019 May

UX Design Intern | Google

2018 May - 2018 August


University of Michigan

M.S. in Information, 2019

Specialized in HCI and UX Design

City University of Hong Kong

B.A. in Translation, 2016

Specialized in linguistics

When I am not working....

Aside from work, you can find me traveling (highly food-oriented), doodling, and trying out new coffee roasters/bubble tea places. I also started blogging recently, stay tune for my journey👇!