Search UX in SAP Ariba Guided Buying

Redefine search experience for B2B e-commerce solution for immediate business needs and long-term vision

  • Redesign the search experience to help users find what they need with guidance and clarity
  • Engage with customers over a course of few months for gathering feedback and setting expectations

Being the sole designer on this project, I hypothesized, designed and tested the end-to-end search experience, and worked with PM, researcher and solution manager to inform about our immediate deliveries and long-term vision of search


Redefine the search experience considering the product ecosystem

SAP Ariba Guided Buying, part of its parent procurement suite, was launched 5 years ago for casual buyers to make a purchase in a familiar e-commerce experience. However, as more features added to the platform, the search experience becomes really complex and confusing.

Framed as a customer engagement initiative topic, we were tasked to not only redefine a more helpful and pleasant search experience for our users but also communicate the story to customers through a series of design workshops.


This project is currently in progress. Contact me to learn more!

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